Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tip #199: Send checks from the UWCU web branch

The UW Credit Union has an excellent web site - they call it their "web branch" which is kind of cute - where you can do lots of things. My favorite is that you can pay bills from there. If the payee is in their system, they send the funds electronically. If not, they print out a check and mail it for you. They don't even charge for this.

I dislike sending mail even more than I dislike receiving it, so being able to eliminate most of the steps in sending a check makes it borderline bearable.


Reverend AC said...

This, sir, is fantastic! Man do I love UW...

That check I've been putting off writing is now in the mail! :)

Joanna said...

Also, even if you're not a UWCU member, you can authorize certain users to deposit funds electronically directly into your account. I don't have UWCU as my bank, but my former landlord did. I would pay my rent every month directly into his account and received a great receipt.