Monday, October 8, 2012

Tip #203: Record your sizes

What size shoes do you wear? What's your neck size for dress shirts? If you can just remember those things, great. If not, make a note (this is a good use for Evernote) with all the measurements you know, and add to it and update it as necessary.

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DW Bits said...

as a corollary to this: Record your sizes AND share them with people who might buy you clothes (parents, significant others, etc.). Consider adding a self-size section to your Christmas letter, or a website if that's information you're comfortable having online.

As a fellow who wears slightly odd sizes of clothing, it's often hard for friends & family to guess correctly when buying me clothes. While the sleeves of an XL shirt may be long enough, the rest of the shirt may be too baggy for me to wear comfortably. In actuality, I wear a medium-tall shirt (wherever tall/long sizes are available).